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Between my brothers first symptoms of massive headaches, the operation to take out a biopsy and the final results, we had a lot of long stretches of time when we knew nothing.


Living abroad and not receiving a direct feed as we would have, were we living back home, made every stretch of time seem so surreal and long.
I could not believe my brother could have cancer, that was simply not an option in my book.


Still, the mind wonders as you wait for the unknown, you imagine all the outcomes your mind can conjure.


When the news arrived that my brother indeed had brain cancer, we were of course shocked, but believed strongly that everything would be ok. There are many things that could be done and hope is still there for him to recover.


And so we waited, every step, for the good news we knew would come. But still, afraid of the worst.

Waiting, hanging between hope and fear.

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