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Most of us, when thinking about cancer, imagine a person losing his / her hair, sitting down in the hospital connected to a chemotherapy I.V, going through radiation treatment and so fourth.

Though there might be truth in that image, the reality is far more complex;


During the last months of my brother’s life he was going through those treatments and more. But he was also receiving help through relaxation, meditation and I assumed other means.

One day I was trying to envision myself in his position; all those poisons running through my body, all these things that make a person weak and worn. I imagined my senses going crazy, every little noise, smell or bright light would hurt. But through all that, I would hold on to my loved ones, and the treatments that gave me peace.


How difficult it must be, how much strength must you have to find some peace with all that noise going about.

I imagine everything that softly touches me turns needles, I would fight to find inner peace.

I don’t know If I would succeed. I like to imagine my brother could at times. I would imagine the silence he achieved after a fierce bang.

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