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A Mad Eye Music & KaHnO
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Accumulate, Dissipate



To say that I am ready to release this “album” would be a gross exaggeration.

Releasing it literally terrifies me, almost immobilizes me.

This is the most intimate story I have ever shared. But, at the same time it feels like the right thing to do.


This musical piece was never planned.


One day, about 6 months after my brother passed, I sat in my studio, grabbed a classical guitar (which I almost never do except for teaching) and started playing.

While playing, I realized that I was writing about a specific event that happened during the time my brother was ill. I didn't mean to do that, it simply manifested itself naturally through my fingers.


I stopped, recorded the small segment and moved on.


This was the opening page for all the tracks in this collection. They each depict a moment, a picture frame of time as I saw and felt it.
They are hard times, good times, and everything in between during my brother’s long fight with cancer.


Now, about a year and four months later. It’s time to let this project run its course. I am releasing it, not feeling a 100% certain that it’s ready, in fact, I know it’s not.

Truthfully,  given enough time, I would have probably spent another year or two on it.

But life is full of surprises, and the next chapter in my life dictates that I need to move on.


Honestly, I didn't mean to release this to the public domain at all, It was at first an explosion of feelings, that in retrospect I found out were an expression of my process, dealing with something so surreal and difficult.

I meant to share it with family and friends only - those who would want to listen to it.

But, after a few people told me that they believe this has the potential of helping others in their time of grief or hardship, I decided to put my fear and doubt aside and let the music help - if it can, the few it might help.


Even a single person touched or helped would make it a success in my book.


Final note,

Underneath each track (Player) there is a text that represents a little background for each of the tracks. If you wish, you can read those before listening to each individual track to get a sense of the story being told.

Alternatively, you may want to skip it altogether and give your own interpretation to the tracks.

A third suggestion would be; listen to any track one time, read and then listen again. 

In any case I would be very interested in reading your impression of individual tracks or the piece as a whole.


Here we go,

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